Sunday, July 15, 2012

Delicious Evil

I'm not much into sweets. "Not much" as in: not at all. But my one of my organs is currently ripping out it's internal lining and ejecting it forcefully from my body. In response, for some curious reason, nature dictates that I crave something hot, dark, and evil to fill my belly to replace it. Something Satanic. Something... chocolate. 

Simple enough to whip up in compromised states, delicious enough to make your eyeballs roll back into your skull, and not-at-all too sweet, this fucker will do the trick. I got the recipe from my mother, and I share it with you here in hopes that another female or female-identified body will writhe in this dark pleasure's respite in a similar time of need. 

I'm in too much pain to type it out. Good luck.

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